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01. Introduction

Financial Planners, Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers can now maintain client portfolio with a philosophy that enables to not only know the current status of the client's wealth but also the future.

Add any asset class to the portfolio and see future cash flows of the investments. Add liabilities and get notified of key dates in the products life time and keep always connected with your client's portfolio.

Secure & Mobile

Ultra secure, fast and mobile;
as you need it.

Actuarial Pedigree

Built using actuarial mathematics;
just genius.

Unmatched GUI

An interface that makes information
clear, concise & to-the-point.

02. Unique Features

See combined cash flows that are generated on the fly for the entire client portfolio. See cash flows in a number grid or visualized on a easy to analyze graph for greater clarity.

Individual investment's details are represented in a uniquely created interface that represents key information in a way that makes information easily understandable. One screen packed with so much information and yet looks wowsome.

03. Advanced Features

Feature 01. Advanced Analytics
Feature 02. Equity, MF & Bonds valued every day
Feature 03. Search & track insurance products
Feature 04. Client Net Worth
Feature 05. Search products traded on market
Feature 06. Thoughtful representation of information
Feature 07. Other awesome features
Feature 08. Important events in life considered

04. FinFlo Mobile App

Creative Design 001.
Push Notifications 002.
Aesthetically Pleasing 003.
Easy to use 004.
Auto Data Sync 005.
Android & iOS 006.
Fully supported 007.

05. Take a peek

06. Pricing

FinFlo Enterprise has been built to ensure that the software is, as much as possible, affordable to all sizes of enterprises. We offer two licencing variants: Perpetual Licence and Subscription based Licence

Each of the above has its own benefits depending on the size of your enterprise. Call, email or visit us to find out more about what suits you best.

We can arrange a demo and start you off on a free no obligation software trial.

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